Community Inspired Art

Adaeze & Co. was founded by myself in late 2020 as a way to express the light, talent, and love I see in my community. Initially, I provided digital illustrations to other businesses and it was amazing giving that support to other small business owners. After many conversations with people about how they’d love to see my art in their homes, offices, and local businesses I began to truly see the need for more accessible and diverse art in my community. And then it just dawned on me, “Why don’t you create what’s missing?” With that thought at the core of my vision, I began offering thoughtfully designed physical products that highlighted the positive representation of the Black culture. Products I didn’t see anywhere else but knew that they would would be important to the right people. It could not have been a better decision.

Today, Adaeze & Co. is an ever-growing, minority-certified paper goods and stationery brand that is being recognized by supporters and larger audiences all over. Our stickers, keychains, greeting cards, art prints, and other products showcase the beauty of Black culture in unique and vibrant ways. By making others feel seen and heard, we strive to help our supporters creatively express themselves.

At Adaeze & Co., the belief is that community-rooted art is a stepping stone to great change. We're proud to offer products that celebrate, encourage, and heal. Products that elevate the positive lens through which we see Black women and culture and I know that you will find exactly what you need here with my brand.



-Destiny Williams, founder & ceo


"So many of us become desensitized to the fact that we aren't represented in so many spaces that when we finally see ourselves, we not only feel empowered, but now we want others to feel empowered. We then begin to also want to see representation in every arena because we want everyone to see the beauty, grit, and magic of who we are as empowered Black people. I genuinely love seeing us represented in Adaeze & Co.'s work."


"Adaeze & Co's art is my definition of representation. It makes me feel seen. It's the feeling of inclusiveness and opportunities. It reinforces positive views of what's accessible and possible. It's pure joy!"


"Seeing myself in Adaeze & Co's art makes me feel happy, loved, seen..like I'm no longer invisible."


"It feels empowering to see Black women JUST BE and exist in Adaeze & Co's art."